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AUGUST 24, 2023


First off, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by to read this! It’s my first (ever) blog post, so I’m grateful you’re taking the time to check it out.

As things have been changing in my life, I’m finding myself questioning more and more my relationship with the spaces I’m spending my time on the internet, and more importantly spending as much time off of the internet as possible.

Even still, I love the ways I get to communicate and connect with others on the world wide web, and my hope is to use this space to share things with you all where it can be truly owned by me - and not at the whims of outside forces or some all-powerful algorithm.

With that being said, here are some new and noteworthy things (imo) that I’ve been up to!


My partner Caddy and I have been living and working in Seattle, Washington since January of this year and we absolutely loooove it...We’ve been taking long walks through the city, enjoying the spring and summer weather, and spending time with friends I hoped I’d one day meet, let along live alongside!

I’ve especially loved all of the abundant nature throughout this city, everything is so green and full and covered in moss. I can’t wait to see how things change as the air chills and we enter into the fall season.

I’ve been honored and overjoyed to join the Creative Studios team at Bungie at an exciting and transitional time, to be here at the brink of such wildly fun announcements is unreal. The team here is truly such a special group, and I feel very lucky to call many of them my friends.


If you have visited my website before, you may have noticed that things are looking quite different around here!
Inspired by the new features introduced in the Cargo 3 beta, it felt like the perfect opportunity to dust things off around here and bring in some new ideas I’ve had for quite a while.

A lot of the visual design choices were inspired by things in my day to life, especially with around color, typography, and the more subtle details.

Some things that inspired these choices include:

- my daily sneakers (NB Classic 574 in Nimbus)
- my two pairs of glasses, clear and green (my fave colors )
- my sticker-covered custom 2DS
- reciepts saved for my collage scrap collection


That just about does it for this first post!

My hope is to update this section of my site frequently, so please feel free to stop by here if you ever find yourself curious. Over time, I imagine that this will begin to feel more full and (hopefully) more interesting, so please accept this as is in the meantime.

Thank you again for reading!
Good luck and be well  

— NK


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