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Scoot Scoot 

Client: Jay (Raised By Woes)
Scope: Wordmark
Year: 2020
Links: ScootScootGame︎︎︎


Project Details

Scoot Scoot is an independent game in-development by London-based developer Jay (Raised By Woes) on Unreal Engine 4. The game is centered around riding a beloved 1980’s trunk bike (akin to the Honda Motocompo) around scenic Japanese landscapes.

As Jay was in search for a logo, I had reached out to him as a fan of both charming scooters and the project. We immediately began sharing ideas, and through referencing 80’s scooter print ads and user manuals, we landed on the current design for a clean and reductive game logo.

Nat King

graphic designer & illustrator
Current work         


Freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Austin, Texas.
Creating work that is fun, clean, and always client-focused       
learning new skills with each opportunity.

Previous work includes independent games, music artists,
record labels, apparel, education, and activism.
Currently seeking freelance opportunities in
games, music, media, and other exciting projects.
Social good, environmentalism, and pro-LGBTQ+
centered projects are always welcomed. ︎

If interested, feel free to reach out and send me an email.︎︎︎

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