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My name is Nat King (they/he), and I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from Austin, Texas.
I work as a freelancer for clients such as Grubhub and Lost In Cult, and other independent projects.

I create work that is clear in its approach, openly unique, and that amplifies the visions of others.

I’ve been freelancing for five years for clients including ︎︎︎

Lost In Cult
Ironwood Studios
Something Else
Games Forest Club
Retro Dodo

I have experience in publication, branding, visual design, and illustration —
designing for both print and interfaces.

Projects with a focus on games and media, community outreach, technology,
environmentalism, or social good are always a plus.

Let’s work together ︎︎︎

︎ nathanielcking@gmail.com 

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Photo by Riel Sturchio.

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